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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed




Another demigod boyband series, targeting merchandise sales over anything else. If anything, the music was the highlight of the show.

The story follows a young man living in a neutral colony, named Kira Yamato who finds himself thrown into a war between Coordinators of Zaft and the Naturals of the Earth Alliance, when he is forced to pilot a Gundam to save the lives of his friends. (Seriously, stop leaving government weapons around for 15 year olds to pick up.) Coordinators are enhanced humans who left Earth to live in space colonies after many Naturals started disproving their existence. Kira happens to a first generation Coordinator and has no choice but to fight on the Earth Alliance side. Having friends on both sides, he is forced to make painful decisions and fight to protect those closest to him.

What I found annoying is that Kira constantly cries. His crying is rivaled by Shinji of Evangelion. I hated his character. And the ending was rushed.



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