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Mobile Suit Gundam Seed Destiny




I seriously thought this series would kick butt considering the large amount of blood spilled in the first 3 minutes of the series. After that it got ridiculously slow with really weak Athrun developments. He’s become an indecisive idiot that just carries the name of a defected war hero. Kira became a Jesus-figure and surprisingly, the new main character Shinn has like 1/3 the screen time Athrun does in the beginning. The only character I’m beginning to notice is Lacus-sama. Smart girl. Her evil clone Meer/Mia should stop jumping around and flaunting her breasts and just DIE. Oh and Cagalli- I’m so ashamed of your weaknesses now. You’ve adopted Kira’s cry-baby role. Then ending was stupid and abrupt again, only to be finished off in a 46 minute PLUS episode extending episode 50, which still came out but was still relatively weak. Shinn’s resolution was out of character and pathetic and all the metaphors spoken by the characters to justify or explain a point just SUCKED. But hey, this series’ music ROX!



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