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Mobile Suit Gundam Wing




Although this series that led to my addiction to anime and love for Gundams, if you break it down, it had very little plot and character development.

The main character is either Heero Yui or Relena Peacecraft, but between Heero’s silence treatments and Relena’s annoying bluff to kill herself to get Heero’s attention, we find ourselves not really caring about any of the characters – other than Duo Maxwell. It seems he is the only person that has a personality. The rest are either robots or cardboard cutouts.

Another issue I had with this series is the characters resemble demigod boybands with the ability to grab new mech suits if they blow their old ones up. Heero’s philosophy for fighting isn’t really looked into and by the end of the series we still don’t really know him. All we know is that the boys are invincible and Relena is still very annoying.


8.6 / Endless Waltz- 8.65

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