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How can one story go on for 220 episodes and still stay remotely interesting? Naruto does the job quite well enough for a hundred episodes or so. I’m not saying every episode is a Blockbuster hit, but the story runs along smoothly and there’s a character for everyone. Targets mainly the male audience, but there’s almost an equal amount of female viewers. Just watch out for the sexist views haha… So basically this story is about shinobis, demons, ramen noodles, and kickbutt action. And contains my 3rd Bishie… KAKASHI SENSEI! Enough said. However, please note that fillers to this series are amazingly long-winded, boring, stupid and a waste of time, thus lowering the rating to this series overall. (Watch out for Naruto Shippuuden. It’s the sequel and the 2.5 year time skip. You are to pretend the fillers never happened. -_-) The movies were just really bad plots with amazing DBZ kamehamha waves and shiny objects. But Sakura is surprisingly more useful in the first movie and Gaara was shining in his glory in the second.



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