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After the Third World War, Japan’s ground zero called the “Black Spot,” draws in individuals who have developed special powers. They are feared and hated by humans who named them the “Needless.” Within the Black Spot, the Needless fought amongst themselves to rule the area. The winner was a pharmaceutical company named Simeon that is led by a powerful Needless named Adam Arclight. A human child named Cruz Schild is the sole survivor of the Resistance that fights against Arclight and his Four Great Ones and teams up with a mysterious priest named Adam Blade. Together with Adam Blade, Eve Neuschwanstein and other friends they meet along the way, Cruz and his team continue to fight Adam Arclight and his merciless rule.

Overall this series had bad pacing, crude jokes, a lot of panty flashes from young girls and mediocre fight scenes. As always, it differs from its manga counterpart, so you’re probably better off reading the manga.



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