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Ouran High School Host Club




Wow, with that kind of ending, you know there’s GOT TO be another season and that there’s more to the story. Or at least we’d hope so. :/ (The manga continues while the series ends at episode 26.)

This series is about a middle-class girl named Haruhi who attends the high school of the super-wealthy elites through scholarship. She isn’t even able to afford a uniform and dresses in sort of a ragged way, and added with her short haircut, she is easily mistaken as a boy. That’s where the fun comes in. While looking for a quiet place to study, she enters the unused third music room and encounters the Host Club- A bunch of good looking, super-wealthy boys that entertain girls (or guys… anyone that is a “customer” and pays…XD) with extravagant costumes, tea parties, food, their awesome looks, etc. Haruhi accidentally breaks a 8 million yen vase and is forced to pay the debt as a host. One by one they find out she’s a girl by the end of the first episode, but by then it’s too late- Haruhi has already accepted the job to entertain other girls as a boy! This show made me laugh out loud so many times, which I haven’t done in a while. Each episode shows how the relationship between the boys and Haruhi grow as they keep their secret while have fun with the fact that they have their very own “pet/toy/daughter” in the club to spice things up. Each guy is different in their own way and is super cute/hot! There’s the Cute Lolita Type, the Cool Type, the Silent and Wild Type, The Prince Charming Type, and probably the most hilarious duo, the Twin Brothers With The Hots For Each Other Type. (All an act of course. They get a kick out of seeing girls swoon over them while they stroke each other’s face. XD) Watch this if you want to laugh your socks off as these seemingly snobby elite idiots learn what the life of “commoners” are like through Haruhi and her instant coffee mix!



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