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Peace Maker Kurogane (Peacemaker)




Sadly, this anime has a lot of plot holes and no closure whatsoever. I felt its first half dragged a bit too long with nonsense that could have been cut out. The second half however, had better animation and we started to see a glimpse of a storyline. Too bad it ended shortly after. If you can last till the final episodes where the art gets better and the fight scenes get good, you might enjoy this semi-decent series that has bits and pieces of touching moments every blue moon. It gets points for being a GONZO production – known for its good animation, and the one death scene that moved me.

The story tells of Tetsunosuke Ichimura and his older brother Tatsunosuke, who both join the Shinsengumi to gather more information on the assassination of their parents. However, in order to overcome his fear of the past and seek revenge, Tetsunosuke learns that he has to become a demon to kill in this era of social unrest. A bit too much horseplay with a weak plot.



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