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Phi Brain: Puzzle of God




“Kaito Daimon is a brilliant 16-year-old teenager who loves to solve puzzles. He acquires an enigmatic item called the Armband of Orpheus that allows him to fully utilize his brain, but that consequentially drains him completely. Currently attending Root Academy as an honor student, he is invited by the school principal to confront a secret organization named POG that creates deadly Sage Puzzles to protect invaluable treasures and challenge the select few individuals capable of facing them. Given the title of Einstein, Kaito battles against the mysterious group in order to keep a promise he made as a kid while at the same time he heads towards the ultimate test: the Divine Puzzle.” – Anime News Network

Make no mistake, this is a kid’s show. The absurdity of it reminded me of YuGiOh a lot, so if you watch the show with that mindset, then it’s actually really fun. It’s less about the crazy fact that a teenager is solving puzzles to save the world, but more about the relationships between him and his friends. While it can get cheesy at times, you get the message and assume kids will soak it up too. Overall it’s a fun ride when you don’t think about it. So don’t think about it.



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