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Season 1 – 22 Episodes / Season 2 – 11 Episodes / Movie Premiere in 2015


Akane Tsunemori is a rookie Inspector in a world where a person’s mental state is calculated and judged by the Sybil System. With the use of Dominators, weapons that instantly judge and execute the sentences of a target, Inspectors and latent criminals called “Enforcers” uphold the law in a seemingly low crime city. However not everything is as it seems as Akane learns from her associates Shinya Kougami – a latent criminal Enforcer and her fellow Inspector Nobuchika Ginoza, constantly test and conflict her own morals.

In the second season, Akane is further tested after knowing the true nature of the Sybil System, facing a new danger to the society and in conflict between humanity and order.

I’d have to say the first season was by far much more intriguing and enjoyable. The second season’s major faults included a new annoying character and the fact that it was the second season – following the incredible story of the first. I felt it tried to compete with and even escalate the events of the first, which was just too good to follow. Overall this series is amazing with a concept you know is a formula for civil unrest and action.


9.5 / 8.6

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