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The story surrounds a boy named Ayato Kamina and his ability to pilot the Rahxephon against the world he thought he knew and grew up in. It so happens that his world was under the control of an alien race called Mu’s who sought to “tune” the planet. (As in destroy it and rebuild it in their vision.) What’s twisted is that this boy is born a human but is in fact a Mulian.

Why was this series compared to Evangelion? Sure it had the same weird complex invader elements, but I enjoyed this series a LOT better. First off, the plot was twisted and pretty fresh. Unlike Evangelion, it had a steady and very good character development. Twenty six episodes wasn’t too short nor long- just perfect. The twisted ending with the true identity of the girl he keeps envisioning in his paintings (found AFTER the last episode’s credits), his past, and who he’s related to was just awesome. Not to mention that this 17 year old kid was pretty hot all curled up naked in a fetal position… Did I say that out loud? ^^; Oh and there’s enough blood (both red and blue…), angel-like mech fights, action, and awesome deaths spread throughout the series. I felt sad when Souchi disintegrated, and remember going, “Awww.. He was cute too…” Only thing that was like Evangelion (I know I said I didn’t like to compare), it had a freaky ending, which I believe there are alternates for (like Evangelion). Fortunately the ending wrapped things up and made more sense than you know what. I actually didn’t mind the whole rebirth thing, as Ayato “tuned the world” and basically recreated time and space… Oops, SPOILER… And if you really look into it, this whole series was one big love story… But with mechs… and freaky harmonic humming music.



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