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Samurai 7




Very rarely do I encounter an anime series that manages its plot’s time and flow so well. The series neither dragged its story, nor did it rush its ending. I found however, its character development to be a bit weak and could not find myself to really like a single character… This is odd considering all the raging hormones going off in the series itself, and the amount of loveable characters. I was hoping for there to be more development between the girl and her crush (boy this one will shock you), but alas…

The story tells of a young water priestess who is in search of samurai warriors to help protect her village from being oppressed and pillaged by large machine samurai, whom all strayed from their path after the great war. During the recruitment and battles to defend her village, there is of course romance, swords slashing, missiles flying, arrows piercing, and buildings crumbling.

If you’d like to experience a science fiction spin in feudal Japan’s samurai days, this is the series for you.



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