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Shakugan no Shana




While I absolutely detest lolis and annoying little school girl scenarios, this 24 episode anime series proved worth watching. It’s pretty action-packed and while I don’t care for the small character developments, the idea of the story is fantastic- just not fully able to bloom in 24 episodes. (Look out for season two!)

Sakai Yuuji lives in what he believes is an ordinary city in Japan, but finds out in an instant that there is more than meets the eye. When a giant “Rinne” sent by a “Guze no Tomogara” causes his world to suddenly freeze and devour the people who had suddenly turned into blue flames, a young girl saves him, wielding a long sword, long black coat with red eyes and red hair. She is called a “Flame Haze”- one who hunts the “Guze no Tomogara” and balances the world. And that’s when Yuuji finds out that his current existence is merely a “Torch”- temporary replacement for the already “real” dead Yuuji. Shocked by this sudden revelation, Yuuji does something unlike any other Torches the girl has encountered and given the truth- he does not cling onto the last pieces of his existence and instead worries about the people that knew him and the city itself. Moved and confused by this, the girl- who Yuuji names “Shana” after her sword- continues to fight the “Guze no Tomogara” and all other threats to the city with the help of Yuuji and other Flame Hazes.

As you can probably imagine, the girl who has no emotions, blah blah, learns she is falling in love with the already dead boy- whom at first she views as merely a Torch waiting to disappear (Torches disappear in time, merely acting as a temporary replacement for the dead so that the world doesn’t crumble from the sudden impact of losing an existence in an instant due to attacks.), but at the same time knows very well that he is a special “Mistes”- that is, a Torch with a special ability. What luck that his Torch ability is the ability to regenerate its power at midnight so that his Torch can never fully disappear if not destroyed…



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