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Summer Wars




Kenji Koiso is an eleventh grade math genius that is asked by his upperclassmen Natsuki Shinohara, to pose as her boyfriend at her family home during the summer. There Kenji meets the proud and ancient Jinnouchi clan, whom have all gathered to celebrate the 90th birthday of their spunky grandmother and head of the family. During his stay at the family home, he receives a mysterious math problem and attempts to solve it – allowing a virus to hijack the world’s most prominent social network that controls much of the world’s business and technological infrastructures. Now Kenji and the Jinnouchi clan must find a way to stop this cyber attack, all while trying to sort out family affairs.

Overall this movie was fun and colorful, while teaching the values of family. If anything, this movie just emphasizes the cautions of the anything that could resemble Skynet. With cartoon rabbits.



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