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Tenchi Muyo


Multiple Series


I would first like to say, that the amount of editing for the editors must have been fun… This anime clearly aims for nosebleeds from the guys. What, am I wrong? The first two series were pretty cool and I didn’t mind the way they re-met each other… The last one though was pretty weak and rather a snore. The movie was great, because we got to see Tenchi’s mother… Who happens to be 10x more powerful than he is. It’s a shame she passed away. Because believe it or not, Tenchi’s dad was quite a cutie in his younger years ^^;

Depending on what series you’re watching, the basic plot is about a 17 year old boy that finds new powers through his grandfather’s mysterious past. Suddenly his house is a harem with many beautiful women and crazy space adventures.


Tenchi Muyo- 8.75 / Universe- 8.8 / Tokyo- 7.4 / In Love- 9.0

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