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Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann




In a fictional future, humans are forced to live underground by the oppression of the Beastmen who live on the surface. One day, a boy name Simon – known for his ability to dig – finds a drill-shaped key that activates a mecha also found within the soil. He and his “brother” Kamina defeat invading mechas of the Beastmen and break through to the surface to find a whole new world of adventure waiting for them. With Kamina’s positive attitude and leadership, the human race begins to fight for their existence against the Beastmen and so much more.

When one thinks of Shounen, one thinks of non-stop power-ups, multiple bosses/trials and of course, action with plenty of plot holes. This series however, will definitely become an instant classic as it blends all of these ingredients (except the plot holes) into a perfectly constructed theme park ride. It’s non-stop action and straight to the point. If you’re yearning for a testosterone-filled story with unbelievable fight scenes that will pump you up each episode, be sure to check this series out. Just thinking about this series makes me want to wear a cape and beat the snot out of something…



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