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Tenjho Tenge




The Oh! Great studio is known for its excess of cleavage- this series being no different. If you’re not watching clothes getting blown off in a middle of a fight, then you’re seeing someone lose blood by the gallons. The series cuts short on the manga, feeling completely rushed and incomplete. From the middle of this series, you start to forget the main character of this story ever existed, due to the fact that flashbacks take over. When they finally come back, the series is already over.

The story first starts off following a delinquent named Souchirou Nagi, who arrives at Toudou Academy thinking he can rule the school. He soon finds out that the entire school consists of martial artists (after getting his butt kicked within seconds) and ends up joining one of the strongest groups- the Jyuukenbu. As he trains to get stronger, he learns about the conflict and dark history between his group and the Enforcement Group- the ruling body of the school.



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