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Tiger & Bunny




Sternbild City is the setting to a popular program called “Hero TV,” where individuals with super powers called “Next” are the stars. They are heroes that wear sponsor logos and collect points toward their rankings, for the purpose of entertaining the viewers while saving the city. A veteran hero named Wild Tiger, who has been dropping in ranks is suddenly paired up to work with a new rookie and pretty-boy named Barnaby Brooks Jr. Both men share the same powers, but have a different perspective on what it is to be a Hero.

Wasted potential. That was my thought throughout the entire series. This series had great laugh out loud moments, an interesting plot and twists on the ridiculousness of reality TV, and finally – a main character who isn’t in High School. (A middle aged man and father! Le gasp!) The characters are fun and diverse and you want the series to be good… But there’s this lingering feeling that the series was meant for girls to drool over bishies… When it should be a darker and more serious Anime. I loved the idea of corporate sponsors controlling the presentation of heroes and how small twists within the Anime happened, but overall it felt as if the series was confused with what it wanted to be. Did it want to be comedy, drama, action, smut…? It wanted to be everything at once and that was its downfall. If the plot had better execution and had taken a darker route, this series would have really been something. But overall, it felt like silly, girl smut… Which is sad, considering all the potential it had. Well at least it looked pretty…



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