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Togainu no Chi – Bloody Curs




If you’re going to make a series based on a boy’s love game, do it right man… This show definitely did not. Not only did they not have any smut, it lacked major action and a plot. So if you’re not going to go all the way on any field, why bother? Another major thing that irked me were the camera angles and weird close up on faces. Everything was sideways, to a point where it made me pay more attention to the annoyance of it over what was happening in the show.

Several years after the end of a war, the city of Toshima has fallen into decay and been taken over by the crime syndicate Viscio. There, the head of the syndicate, Il Rey, has convened the battle game “Igura.” Meanwhile, Akira, falsely accused of a crime, has made a deal to earn his pardon: go to Toshima, defeat Il Rey, and destroy the syndicate.



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