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Trinity Blood




This series was almost a carbon copy of Hellsing and Trigun put together in terms of plot and characteristics of main characters.

Abel Nightroad (Vash the Stampede) is a 900 year old Krusnik (Vampire that feeds on vampires only) that survived after the Armageddon on Earth. Basically four people: Cain, Abel (Cain’s twin brother), Seth and Lilith were the test subject for colonizing Mars (Red Mars project) and their genes were modified and their intelligence was increased. Decades later, the Red Mars babies and a number of humans were living on Martian colonies. Then they were infected with a strain of bacteria and gained super-speed and bloodlust and evolved into vampire-like beings/Methuselah. Because the four of them had advanced genes they were the only ones able to control the infection, causing their strain of bacteria to be different and having them turn into Krusnik life-forms at will with the help of nanomachines. Cain, being the first to become a Krusnik, kills Lilith and sends Abel into a wave of emotions, and promises to protect humans. (Funny because he has no problem killing the Methuselah/vampires.) Does this not sound like Knives and Vash? So Father Abel Nightroad is in an eternal struggle with his twin brother Cain and searching to destroy him, while trying to keep the peace between the Empire (Run by the Methuselah) and humans while working for AX, an organization of the Vatican under Cardinal Cathrina Sforza.

I got to say, the Vatican creating a hot looking robot named Tres (Father Tres lol) nicknamed Gunslinger was just too unbearable. He’s so damn hot! XD This series has tons of hot bishies to just drool and die over. Unfortunately, the action never reaches a climax, as once the fights end, it kind of leaves you hanging and going, “That’s it? WTF?!” Overall, I think they should have made this series longer and have a better ending. Otherwise VERY enjoyable for guys and girls with beautiful gothic/orchestra music.



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