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This is one of those very incomplete series that begs for a second season, but may not get one due to not being popular. What makes it even more unpopular is the lack of shininess and super involvement with cast that is needed to catch the limited attention span of kids nowadays. A highly political and social issue focused anime for a more intelligent viewer, this series lacks character development, despite the incredible amount of potential it has. I feel if they made a second series that was more mainstream (like Gundam Seed), where the characters are the stars and the bishies could shine, this show could get as big as Gundam or Macross. It all depends on if it even gets a season two.

The empire of Tytania is a powerful clan that controls most of the galaxy through tyranny and force. When a small planet named Euria is attacked by one of the Four Dukes of Tytania, an inexperienced nobody named Fan Hulic is given the role of Admiral of the Eurian fleet sent to confront the Tytanian fleet. Although his superiors had intended for the battle to be in favor of Tytania, Hulic somehow manages to defeat the Duke using unconventional tactics, thus starting the wave for revolution throughout the galaxy. His name alone brings those who oppose Tytania up to arms as he travels across the galaxy, while evading Tytanian pursuers and meeting rebellion forces and other victims of Tytania. Through a series of events, we start to see the slow fall of the great empire of Tytania.



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