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Uragiri wa Boku no Namae wo Shitteiru




Yuki Sakurai grew up in an orphanage after being abandoned as a baby. His power to feel other people’s emotions at the slightest touch is a burden to him, as he is unable to control whether or not he wants to know of other people’s pain. One day a man claiming to be his brother offers him a home with the Giou Clan, a clan containing the Zweilt Guardians whom fight against the Duras in a thousand year old war. Within that clan, a powerful allied Duras named Luka assures Yuki that he would never betray him. Slowly Yuki begins to learn of his past life – when he was a woman and known as God’s Light…

Once again, a manga adaptation gone wrong due to being condensed into a short series. There are too many characters that are left undeveloped, along with plot holes and undeveloped relationships. We only skim the surface of Luka and Yuki’s relationship, but to be fair, they probably didn’t want to show anything too explicit between two men. What a coincidence that one’s lover would return as a male in the next life… *rolls eyes* I’m all for guy on guy action, but this series was seriously slow, boring and lame. Too bad, it had such nice bishies.



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