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I can’t believe my brother said this was a good series. First off, the plot was nowhere in sight, the development of the story was weak, even after the main point of the story was being told in the last few episodes, and finally, the characters are so one-dimensional with no development, it wasn’t even funny. Besides the stereotypical character types of all shapes, sex, and sizes, you have the useless supporting characters that do absolutely nothing- especially Yuzuha. Am I to believe that without Eruruu’s grandmother treatment for her, Oboro would have never met Hakuoro? Her relationship with my least favorite character, the annoying Aruruu (who strikes me as an annoying dimwit for some reason) is also another thing that wasn’t needed in the story. The whole, “two gods that pull the strings to humanity” was horribly pulled off and didn’t even make an entrance until the 25th out of 26 episodes. Watch the series. Tell me if you feel any presence of higher power in their lives. Absolutely none… And the whole iceman/Armageddon thing was stupid as well. Unexplained, lacks development, lacks a proper storyline, and waste of my breathing time is what I would use to sum up this series. Not to mention cheap computer graphics out of the blue every once in a while. With not so outstanding art, the only thing left keeping this series from being a 0/10 is its music.

In case you want to see this series and know what it’s about, it starts off as a man who is later named Hakuoro is found wounded and without memories of his past. He leads the peasant village in a rebellion to end the corrupt emperor that rules their lands and eventually takes the place as emperor himself. Then epic/snore fest adventure continues to ensue as he continues to see beastly images of what is supposed to be his past.

ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz… One last thought- Eruruu is then Hakuoro’s descendant of some sort isn’t she? What are the chances that the same exact specimen as #3510 acquired that ring by fate? They ruined a perfectly interesting plot that could have been told so much better in so many other different ways.



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