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This was an adaptation of the popular American comic. I wanted to like this series so bad. The art was good (as expected from GONZO) and the female empowerment thing was at hand, however it lacked a decent plot, fluidity, and worst of all, contained way too much in your face fanservice. In case you forgot the main character was female, her breasts would basically bounce around in front of you as she spoke and/or fought. The dragging of 3/4 of the entire series bored the living bageezes out of me as I feared for a rushed ending. Luckily, that didn’t take place, because absolutely nothing happened, other than cheap sparkles and an attempt to make it seem like they actually had a plot.

The story is about a woman named Masane Amaha who was found with a baby and wielding the legendary Witchblade after a disaster struck 22nd-Century Japan, causing all of her memory to be erased. Thought to be the mother of the child, Masane raises the child through their many economic challenges, until Masane is offered a job to fight off monsters that have been causing women to disappear – using the Witchblade to transform herself into a powerful human weapon…



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