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Zombie Loan




Much too short to develop a full story in depth, but from what was seen, this series had been paced well and showed promise. The end is another one of those cliff hangers that would have to be continued in its manga counterpart.

The story tells of a high school girl named Michiru Kita who has the “Shinigami Eyes.” With it, she can see the rings on people’s neck that develops when they are close to death. Once the ring turns pitch black, the Grim Reaper finds you and kills you. Two of her classmates Shito Tachibana and Chika Akatsuki have black rings, yet they are still alive! Having died once, the two boys are in a contract that allows them to live on as zombies with will under the Z Loan Office. Once they pay their debt, they can have their lives back. After saving Michiru’s life, she agrees to help them pay off their loan using her abilities. Let the hunt for illegal zombies begin!



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