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Zone of the Enders




James Links is a 49 year old, rugged space transporter returning to Earth to reunite with his estranged children on his daughter’s birthday, when things get complicated as he is framed for murdering the inspectors aboard his ship during the voyage. James had unknowingly agreed to transport the highly-advanced Orbital Frame “Dolores,” which was being targeted by a group of people on Mars to use as a way to destroy the inhabitants of the Earth. His children Noel and Leon become wanted by the authorities as well and the adventure to assure Dolores (who is connected to the Links family as she was created by Jame’s wife)- does not fall into the hands of the Earth or Mars and to stop their rivaling conflict that had been going on for decades, ensues.

This series is a continuation of Zone of the Enders: Idolo OVA which I did not see, but something along the lines of humans from Earth vs Mars going to war and hating each other over stupid differences causes Mars to create the first Orbital Frames and wanting independence from the Earth (stupid since they are the source of natural resources) along with the supposed death of Radium Lavans, the pilot to the first Orbital Frame, Idolo. Funny enough, Dolores (Isis is her real name) was made from the wrecks of Idolo and has an uncanny resemblance to it. And yes Radium did not die, (Ruined that part for you) but he did become a psycho bastard with more fueled hatred for the earth and an imaginary dead girlfriend. Doesn’t help that Dolores was named after his dead girlfriend… Anyway, I felt the character development of James was sort of incomplete and not as moving as Dolores’ who apparently is a machine with a better personality/AI than the other casts. Although she is a hardcore fighting machine, she’s PINK and has the personality of a ditzy teenager and falls in love with her pilot. The first time I’ve seen a mech series in which the mech has a real personality and voice and better character development than the pilot. The end was really touching although I was hoping for Noel, but mostly Leon to die to jazz things up… *shrugs* I like it when cute characters die… XD Anyway, Dolores got fat in the end, right after some tearful departing words and song. If you like mechs and hate typical boyband pilots and prefer a man’s man of a pilot with 5 o’ clock shadow, this is your 26 episode series. ^^



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