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30 Day Movie Challenge – In One Day

You know the drill. I’m too lazy to do this stuff on an Instagram or Tumblr over the course of a month, so here it is all in one day and one post. BEGIN!


movie1 Day 1 – Your favorite movie.
Shit the first one starts off with a hard one… Um, I really don’t have a favorite movie, but if there is one that I could watch again and again without hating it would be something like The Matrix (not its sequels) or Fight Club. It has to be something I can either appreciate the cheesiness to, or discover something new each time I watch it. Whether it’s the quotes, social impact, or visuals – either of those movies would do.


Event-Claire-Weir Day 2 – The last movie you watched.
Event Horizon. Sometimes I watch movies I had missed out on as a kid with my husband… He insisted on this movie for years.


starwars Day 3 – Your favorite action/adventure movie.
I already mentioned The Matrix so let’s just say adventure movie… Shit, I really must not be attached to movies because I keep drawing blanks. Star Wars?


Aliens-Movie-Wallpapers1 Day 4 – Your favorite horror movie.
I don’t care for the horror genre of films, but I like sci-fi. Aliens?


abeautifulmind Day 5 – Your favorite drama movie.
First thing that came to mind was “A Beautiful Mind.”


Shaolin_Soccer_(Kung-Fu_Soccer) Day 6 – Your favorite comedy movie.
Stephen Chow’s Shaolin Soccer.


iloveyouphillipmorris Day 7 – A movie that makes you happy.
I Love You Phillip Morris is hilarious and a feel good movie that ends up in an unexpected way. Plus Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor make an adorable couple.


Hachiko Day 8 – A movie that makes you sad.
Hachiko. The sad based on true dog story.


faceoff Day 9 – A movie that you know practically the whole script of.
Face Off. Back when Nicolas Cage was still cool and John Travolta actually came off as a badass for once… Watched it at least 20 times, since it was the film my parents showed foreign exchange students while they stayed over.


david_fincher_20680 Day 10 – Your favorite director.
*shrugs* David Fincher – I don’t dislike any of his stuff, so let’s go with him…


the-fifth-element Day 11 – Your favorite movie from your childhood.
The Fifth Element is another movie I watched over and over as a kid. (Something with it being on a VHS and readily available.) MULTI PASS, BITCHES. MULTI PASS.


Simba-3-(The_Lion_King) Day 12 – Your favorite animated movie.
I can still sing almost word for word every single song in The Lion King.


bambi Day 13 – A movie that you used to love but now hate.
I can’t imagine why I’d suddenly hate a movie I once loved. The closest thing would be a movie I’ve become less enchanted with over the years. That movie would be Bambi. I remember watching it again as an adult and realizing it was quite boring. Haha.


fightclub2 Day 14 – Your favorite quote from any movie.
“You are not special. You’re not a beautiful and unique snowflake. You’re the same decaying organic matter as everything else.”


landbeforetime Day 15 – The first movie you saw in theaters.
I have no idea. Let’s just say The Land Before Time. I would have been two, but I honestly have no idea.


gravity_movie-2048x2048 Day 16 – The last movie you saw in theaters.
Gravity. This movie should only be seen on the big screens to fully appreciate.


pacific_rim-still Day 17 – The best movie you saw during the last year.
Pacific Rim is by no means a super good movie, but it’s the movie I had the most fun with this year.


matrix-reload Day 18 – A movie that disappointed you the most.
The first Matrix movie was great. WTF happened to its sequels…?


bradpitt Day 19 – Your favorite actor.
I really don’t have one but I’ll watch anything with Brad Pitt in it. Because he’s hot.


Sandra Bullock Diet Day 20 – Your favorite actress.
I really don’t have one but I’ll watch anything with Sandra Bullock in it. Because she’s hot. 😀


'Lost in Translation' Movie Stills Day 21 – The most overrated movie.
Lost in Translation has a 95% critic rating on Rotten Tomatoes. I couldn’t even finish the damn movie. It was so boring and disconnected for me.


strangerthanfiction Day 22 – The most underrated movie.
Stranger Than Fiction is a movie I actually like Will Ferrell in… And I hate Will Ferrell movies. The premise is interesting and the execution is fun. Sadly, hardly anyone knows about this movie.


tonystark Day 23 – Your favorite character from any movie.
Off the top of my head, Robert Downey Jr. as Tony Stark is just perfect.


earth Day 24 – Favorite documentary.
I watch a lot of Discovery Channel/Animal Planet stuff about the world and animals, so let’s just say Planet Earth.


FX7.jpg FILM TITLE I, Robot Day 25 – A movie that no one would expect you to love.
I, Robot is a movie that plays itself on TV at least once a year. I never get sick of it. So many good quotes and cheesy Will Smith lines.


speed-movie-still-5 Day 26 – A movie that is a guilty pleasure.
Speed. Because Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock are so great in that ball of cheese. It’s the bus that can’t stop… 😀


wizard-of-oz1 Day 27 – Favorite classic movie.
What’s considered classic nowadays? Pre 1970s? I dunno, let’s go with Wizard of Oz, because it’s still a thing.


queenofthedamned Day 28 – Movie with the best soundtrack.
Queen of the Damned was such a disappointment for me as an Anne Rice vampire lover. Plus it was Aaliyah’s last movie. Horrible adaptation of the book but still, it had a sick soundtrack and it’s the only album I bought based off a movie.


burnafterreading2 Day 29 – A movie that changed your opinion about something.
Prior to Burn After Reading, I didn’t see Brad Pitt as a seriously good actor. He was just okay with a pretty face. Then he took on that role and that bullet… Gotta love that range and that face…


the-last-airbender-LA-3-26-10 Day 30 – Your least favorite movie.
Wow, this can go anywhere from movies I’ve stopped watching halfway to movies I begrudgingly finished and wanted my time back. I could go with any of the Twilight movies, but that would imply I had any emotional attachment to the franchise to start with. I never read the books so obviously I didn’t care about the movies.
The Last Airbender. I LOVE the animated series, but they completely fucked up the movie. I have a rant on that in another blog entry. FUCK YOU M. Night Shyamalan!


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