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My Sad Routine

So for the longest time now, my excuse for not updating this site has been “Because I’m busy with work.” Prior to working full time, I had trouble imagining the inability to update a website at least once a week. I mean, how hard is it to make at least ONE avatar/icon, right? I used to update this site at least every other day with something. Well that was because I was unemployed or in school and didn’t have a social life. I still don’t hold a social life, but now I can use work as an excuse. Go me.

So exactly what does my day look like and why does it prevent me from making graphics?


8 AM Awakening

It’s the sound to a simple electronic alarm. But usually my cell phone rings first. And it’s located across the room, past my drum set and chair. This is to assure I am not half asleep when shutting off my secondary alarm (now acting as the first since the electronic one is 20 seconds slower). I mean if I were half asleep, I would most definitely stumble over my cymbals’ leg and just cut my face open at the corner of my desk. I’m just that accident prone.

So if I don’t shut off my alarm and go back to sleep consciously, then I’m heading over to my dog and allowing her to relieve herself. She goes to pee instantly but likes to take her sweet time to go poop… And I need her to go poop… And she likes to eat her poop so I have to watch her… Bad dog.


The Travel To Work

I live in the most secluded borough of NYC, meaning people forget we’re a part of NYC and we have to take a boat or cross a bridge to get to the rest of them. Yes, a fuckin boat. It’s called a ferry. Otherwise we can drive or take a bus to get into Manhattan. I take a bus into Manhattan so that takes me an hour. Then it takes another fifteen minutes via train to get from downtown to midtown. No, Long Island and New Jersey are NOT the fifth borough of NYC… Dammit, why does no one know where the world’s largest dump lives? We house it. Now that it shut down, we can no longer sell t-shirts…

Here’s a fun little fact for you non-New Yorkers. Upstate New York and places outside the 5 boroughs of New York (which include Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Bronx and STATEN ISLAND…) considers any of the 5 boroughs as New York City. We who live within the 5 boroughs only call Manhattan “The City.”

At least once a day you encounter a street performer. Mine usually happens in the subway as I’m trying to soak in the last 10 minutes of dozing time as I listen to my mp3. It’s usually the same 3-4 different performers that have me awkwardly avert my gaze to the floor or doors as they walk by. Same for the same 4-6 people claiming to be homeless or in troubled times and drug free and in need of spare change. I just wish they’d dress the part. You can’t be that bad if you’re wearing Timberlands and have a better cellphone than I do. Plus you’re 26 years old – why don’t you have a job? At least the performers are giving some sort of service. GET A JOB. My point is, New Yorkers are so used to being asked for change that they’ve learned to ignore them all. Usually the ones that do give are older people or tourists. Only about once or twice in my entire lifetime in NYC (which is almost 25 years), have I been impressed by a performer to the point where I want to give them money. Unfortunately as any normal commuter, I just don’t have the time in my day to stop and give. I’ve got a bus to catch. Below is a group you’d see quite often. Notice how NO ONE CARES. Tourists eat it up though.




I get to work about 10:15 AM to 10:40 AM, depending on the traffic and subway backup. People need to stop holding the doors open so that the train can get to the stations on time. Anyway, my company’s policies on tardiness has never really been an issue for designers. The Project Managers have to be in on time to answer the phones and emails of clients that start their day early. But us designers can usually get our work done within the day just fine. Plus I like to stop by Duane Reade to buy snacks, which the rest of the office mooches off of. I am known to always have snacks or candy, as I have trouble concentrating on designs if I don’t have my sugar fix. Perhaps it is due to my super high metabolism and low blood pressure. Or it’s to stay awake in a super quiet environment. Either way, my boss loves Twizzlers so I have a pack at least twice a week. (Don’t worry, he takes us out on company lunches and birthdays quite often so it’s all fair.)

In every company I’ve worked for so far, I’ve found that the way to chat in the office is mostly through instant messages. The office is always quiet, save the sound of typing and occasional cursing from frustrated Project Managers. All the designers have their headphones on as we work and occasionally you hear a muffled laugh or snicker coming from behind someone’s dual monitor. That usually means someone sent someone a funny image or video. Those who sit in the corners get to hide more of the movie watching during down times, but the rest of us try to keep it to a minimum. Our bosses are in their own offices or cubicles so we’re usually safe. The rest of us don’t use cubicles. Our huge monitors are what separate us.

What do I listen to (or watch) while at work? Usually last night’s Colbert Report, The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, Conan, the Starcraft GSL matches, and various Youtube people I’m subscribed to. It’s a really relaxed working environment in which you can dress any way you want really, since you don’t have to see clients. Most of the designers’ meetings are over the phone. I’ve only had to attend to a handful of meetings with clients, face to face.

My boss is a giant Godzilla geek and avid movie goer and comic book fan. Every Monday there are meetings over the phone with our office in China during the mornings. After that, the Creative Meetings takes place between the boss and the designers. We start off the first 15 minutes to half hour talking about what we did over the weekend. We also talk about or even watch upcoming movie trailers and debate over comic book heroes and critique movies. Let’s just say my boss is pretty awesome. After all that we get down to business and talk about work.

My day ends about 6 PM, sometimes slightly later if a client has some crazy last minute update. That rarely happens, but it’s an unspoken rule that you stay as long as it takes to get the job done. You kids will learn in time…


The Return

I usually fall asleep on the ride home. Sometimes I fall into such a deep sleep that when I suddenly awake, I forget if I’m actually going TO work or coming home from it… Either way, I’m mentally pooped.

When I get home I tend to my dog and wash up for dinner… Then my job is to clean the dishes. After all this is done, it’s already 9 PM. So with what little free time I have before bed, I zone out in front of the computer or TV. My parents find it incredible that I’d wish to stare at a screen after staring at one all day at work. I don’t mind it and my eyes will probably fail me at the age of 40, but the things I do avoid are any graphics or coding programs. I don’t feel like doing anything that involves massive thinking. By midnight, I play a few games of Starcraft to end the night, only to repeat the following day.

And that my friends, covers 5 days a week. I use my weekends to sleep in and do house chores. So you see… ADULT LIFE SUCKS.

The Comments

  1. WELLL….. speaking of rent u are in NYC probably expensive for the rent and Phoenix if ur going to try and go to Andy remember to bring Canadian money!!

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    • Dude, plastic money is all I need… I’ve visited Canadia plenty of times…

    • yeah………. that may work but its ur Life u have free wings to go around not like me im in a city that its going down in a in the sewer by the minute OHHH better bring a Jacket LOL!!!!!!!!

  2. That’s a terrible anthem…which countr…oh wait…

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