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My Tumblr Experience…



So last week I joined Tumblr, in the attempt to cure my boredom and perhaps promote this website a bit more. I realize now that the original fanbase of this website has gotten older, some moving further from Anime and such. It pains me to say this, but it’s a dying thing amongst people in my age group. We still love Anime in our hearts, but are too busy or find this generation of Anime to pander too much to fanservice with bad plot.

But I love my website of 8 years and I need it to grow, so I thought I’d give Tumblr a try. Plus it gives me something to do at work during slow hours.

My First Impression

This place is like fuckin’ MySpace all over again.

It’s full of teenagers whom I don’t all relate to, making me feel old… Every profile is different, some with music blasting upon arrival… Tiles and tiles of animated gifs in the background and foreground… Dear God, this is MySpace all over again…

BUT… The whole community thing with the dashboard feeds spilling in the front page, people following for follows… I get that. It’s easier to share and connect. Let’s just call this the thing MySpace could never do. But why do I feel so old?

I had quickly picked up on the “follow for follow” thing, easily gaining about 100 followers a week in. So while I was whoring my page to people, I realized most of them had stuff I didn’t really relate to… Like One Direction, what I consider hipster clothing, pictures of food in pastel color, more hipster clothing, and angry emo text done in Photoshop. Let it be known right now that if I saw nothing I could relate to on a person’s blog, I didn’t bother to attempt to follow them, knowing that they’d probably didn’t care for mine either. I’m a whore with standards… But if I saw that ONE MUDKIP, you bet that was a sign that I had a chance. XD

Don’t get me wrong, I have nothing against One Direction. I actually find some of their songs catchy and some of them cute. It’s just weird now that I’m so fuckin’ old. It’s the same reason I find it hard to watch Anime about high school kids. I can’t say someone is “cute” without sounding like a pedophile. Get it? I went through my share of boyband pop songs in my day too. (Backstreet Boys are coming out with a new album?!) I can’t hate on new stars, since it just comes with the times. I’m just impressed by how fast boybands got accepted again, after the early 2000’s break of boybands era. I guess 10 years is enough for the next generation to forget.

Love, the kid that will hate you in 10 years for taking away the Internet.

So yes, don’t hate on music you don’t like. A fandom is basically the relationship a person shares with something. If you are hating the fans for the sake of hating and opposing their music, then you’re basically hating the love and relationship one shares with something. Think of it this way: At one point, most of you thought your mom, or dad, or someone was the best mom, or dad, or someone in the world… And you’re not alone. Do you fight with your fellow classmates in 2nd grade about why your mom, dad, or someone is better? No, but you can’t both be right. But how would you measure? Instead, you just keep it to yourself and in your heart to dish out on paper during arts and craft. So less hating, more focus on why the economy sucks balls, m’kay?

And on the topic of being emo… That for me, was so 5 years ago… I don’t have the time or luxury to be that emo anymore. I have bills to pay. I did keep the same wardrobe colors though. 😛


So now that I’ve somewhat settled into my new website addiction, perhaps the new wave of eyes will force me to update my site more often. I’ve been using the Tumblr to rant on miscellaneous things as well as advertise some of my works from this site, but in the future I may start making animated gifs again, to be posted exclusively on Tumblr. It seems to be the “IN” thing there. I guess it makes sense, since a person’s Dashboard has billions of images and text sprawled all over it. You need something catchy to grab the eyes during this age of information overload.

Dun Dun Dun!

I’ll just ride this wave while it lasts, as flavor of the month as it tastes… Younglings, here I come!

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