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Tastosis – Casting Archons

Most of you probably don’t play Starcraft 2 or know what the GSL is, so this blog post will be for me… And maybe two other people.


Tastosis Bromance


I love Tastosis. Who are they? They are Nick “Tasteless” Plott and Dan “Artosis” Stemkoski, the casting archons. Basically they are the English commentators for the Korean Starcraft tournaments. And their bromance is DELICIOUS… Between calling each other their heterosexual life partners to simply being the two funniest casters, they are every nerd’s dream… Especially Tasteless… He’s known as the “Handsome Nerd” and his emphysema voice is just something to drool over… He also happens to look like a young John Travolta.



Not bad for a geek/nerd huh?

Check out the video below and tell me what you think of their chemistry…




And here’s the best part. Most of the Starcraft Community are filled with guys. And they all love these two as casters and even as a couple. There’s a site called Gay For Tasteless in which a straight guy writes all the reasons he would go gay for Tasteless…

What’s not to love? Artosis is a lucky man and I know the community would never want them to break up. EVER.


I am so very tempted to do some small graphics on these two, but since most of you probably don’t care, I won’t waste my time… If you are a Starcraft follower however, leave me a comment. 😛

If you want to watch the GSL Tournaments, head to GOMTV.NET and see only the best in the world play.

P.S. POGS were not for rich kids Artosis… I’ll send you my POGS if you feel you missed out on your childhood… ^___^ (refer to video above at 3:11)


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  1. Hmm. Guess I can’t send you a message on there so e-mail it is. lol

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  2. By train do you mean kicking my butt until I get better? lol

    I’m actually playing right now. I’ll send it on Facebook. I’m free pretty much every night this week. So if you feel like sticking my face into some noob sauce and making me eat it, let me know. lol

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