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Want To Link Exchange?

  1. Must be graphic related. Anime is a plus.
  2. Is NOT a free host site. (, etc)
  3. Has its own unique layout created by the webmaster/webmistress.
  4. Does NOT contain porn or hentai. (TASTEFUL nudity, yaoi and yuri accepted.)
  5. Has my site button or text link on one of your pages.

I reserve the right to remove your link without prior notice if:

  1. Your site is on Hiatus too long.
  2. Your site has too many broken links.
  3. Your site is no longer active.
  4. You remove my link!
  5. Your site content changes to something inappropriate.
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The criteria for affiliation is much more rigid and I don’t like having a million of them, so they will usually be by personal invite. But feel free to apply if you want!

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