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Another Missed Birthday

Fear not. You didn’t miss my birthday. I probably won’t want to announce my birthdays anymore, anyhow, due to the fact that I’m reaching that unspeakable age that begins with a three and ends with a zero… That’s right, three hundred. 😛

The birthday the title mentions is actually the site design’s birthday. This layout has been up for a little over a year now. And you know what? I’m going to keep it. It conveys the information I want in an okay fashion and can still keep up with the latest and greatest of today’s standards. Plus I’m lazy and losing my spirit with Anime in general.

I’ve been watching less and less Anime. Actually none at all. I have a lot of series I just stopped watching after my move. I have been gaming a lot instead. Feel free to read my latest blog post regarding my gaming. The only animated show I watch nowadays is The Legend of Korra, which is awesome by the way. I’ll do some graphics on that when I feel less lazy.

I do realize the lack of updates isn’t doing my site any good and I apologize for that. Not to you people, I owe you nothing. I’m apologizing to my 19 year old self – a time where I’d update my site at least every other day. Sadly after coming home around 9pm on most weekdays, I don’t feel in the mood to open up Photoshop and do anything creative. However I do want to do something AT LEAST bi weekly. The only thing I have going on most weeks are the Music Mondays I have on Facebook. I even contemplated on starting a Tumblr of my own just to dump random thoughts on. But that would conflict with my own site’s blog and I figured I could always share my stuff on Facebook, where most of my followers are.

I found during my trip to Japan and Taiwan that people responded to my mobile image uploads, so that’s what I’ll try to do. Not that Canada has a lot of cool pictures to offer. (Hah!) So do FOLLOW ME as I spam your feeds with seemingly interesting photos of random stuff that may or may not be Anime related.


The Legend of Korra

The Comments

  1. I agree Kora is great! I also feel the same, I get home around 9 and try, key word, try to play in photoshop. But it’s not going down like that. I have no energy to even make anything. I use to love updating the site all the time back in the good ol’ days!

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