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Another Year Gone By, Another Missed Birthday…

Every year for the past five years I’ve almost always forgotten about this site’s birthday… On December 29, 2012 – this site turned NINE YEARS OLD… Holy smokes… I’ve been running this site for almost a decade now.

Looking back, I see the growth and achievements this site has achieved. I, as a designer and webmaster have learned a lot and met a lot of people. Working on this site and its graphics helped me through my tough times in college and eventually helped me build the portfolio I needed to enter the graphic field, I now work in today. It also helps boost my sense of pride and ego to know that my site is number one on Google when you search the term “Anime Graphic(s).” That my friends, is great for interviews when discussing my web design, HTML and SEO experience… 😀

I’ll admit the updates haven’t been as plentiful as my earlier years, but you all know how that works. Many of my colleagues and fellow anime webmasters have also found that it has become harder to keep up with today’s anime and have time for free graphics when we have college, work and even family to deal with.

That being said, this site is here to stay for now, so enjoy what I can offer! Please follow my Facebook and/or Twitter for site updates! You may also follow my Instagram for pictures of my daily life or fun images I share/repost on Tumblr. I’m on Tumblr every day, so you can always find fresh content from me there. 🙂

As always, stay in touch and feel free to contact me any time!



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  1. Belated happy 9th bloganniversary! 🙂

    btw, I’d just followed TFL on Instagram.. =)

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