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Happy New Year peeps! Thank you for following up with me for this long!

So it has come to my attention that despite my many announcements to follow my social medias here and there, people are still not familiar with who runs this site… To put it simply, this site was created and maintained for over 12 years now by one person – Phoenix (me) and can be seen on many forms of social media via @tfldesign (The name of this site? The Forgotten Lair?) That person you see (if you are viewing this site on desktop) on the side under the Instagram account of @tfldesign is me. This is a one (wo)man show! 😀

I’ve also recently created a Snapchat account (tfldesign) so if you want to add me there to see what I do on a daily basis, feel free. Expect the stuff there to be WAY LESS artistic and well lit as my Instagram stuff. I might snap you my lame lunch or something… A fair warning though, if I deem your snaps to me to be inappropriate, I will either unfriend you, block you, or simply share the snap you gave me to the world via my social medias… Because why not? 😀 Otherwise we can have a gay old time and have stupid conversations about luncheon meat or something.


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