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Is it me or is the Anime franchise dying in North America? I don’t think the younger generations are watching as much Anime as I did when I was thirteen. Toonami no longer offers a lot of quality Animes anymore, especially not at reasonable times. It could be the fleeting times, bad economy, illegal downloading, or the overall lack of good Animes to watch nowadays. If it’s not full of preteen girls dancing around in short skirts, it’s full of excessive amounts of violence. Let’s face it – editing it out would be a bitch. It’s not like in DBZ where you can put a small tree in front of the privates of young Gohan.

So due to the lack of Anime that interests me, I’ve began putting a lot of non-Anime related works. This included video games, celebrities, TV series, etc. So besides Anime, what else are you guys interested in? Leave a comment so I can accommodate to your needs. I’d still like for this place to be the site to get your geek fixes. :P





  1. Anime a 13 year old watches would probably not interest me so I don’t really care if they are watching it or not. I remember when anime wasn’t so main stream and most people didn’t know about. I think the kids today grew up with it so it’s the norm. A lot of the North American cartoons these days are pretty good and I’m sure a lot of people don’t have the need to seek out anime for something better. These days you can legally watch a lot of anime online for free so there really isn’t much of a need to watch it on TV. I’m sure a lot of people who watched it on TV only watched it because it was on TV. The kids who are really into anime will still take the time to find a way to watch it. I don’t think the anime franchise is dying but the way we can view it is changing.

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  2. Yea but if it’s not advertised somewhere visible, how will kids know Anime is out there? When TV was the only source of entertainment, it was easy to advertise new shows. My younger cousins don’t watch Anime as much. My point is that there are less amount of new blood to the genre.

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  3. Ah, I gotcha. I don’t think it was ever really advertised besides by the channels that played them. I got into it because I use to watch the anime movies Syfy use to play on Saturday mornings back in the 90s before Cartoon network started to play anime. Like a lot of people, I’ve been watching anime since the 80s but didn’t know it at the time. I always looked at anime as a hobby not just shows to watch because I’m bored. So you’re either into it or you’re not. I wouldn’t worry if your little cousins are not that much into it because there are a lot more kids their age who are. I think most people get into it when they are older because they still like to watch cartoons and want something more mature.

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  4. I agree! Its not like it use to be. An I don’t think nobody intrudes the kids to anime, I got hooked cause I caught 1 episode of Inuyasha one nite on cartoonnetwork. I believe if I never say that I wouldn’t have been hook!

    But I luv superheros! Lol, Batman my high time favorite, I really go around calling myself Bruce Wayne even though I’m a girl. Teehee.

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    • Care to spare a million or two? ^__^

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      • If I could I would, but the Bat-mobile is in the shop, sorry. lol

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  5. Will definitely agree with this one. During my time, there were a lot of animes shown — a different series each day. Today, though, there are hardly any. It could be just because we’re getting older but, yeah, the good old times were simply different.

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  6. I guess back than it was new Dragon Ball Z, Sailor Moon, Inuyasha that came at night set the moment on fire. I ran home from school everyday to watched it ha ha! miss those days. I believe also that the cartoon here in the US do keep us entertain.

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