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I’m Back. I Think?

Hello all, it’s been a while. First, I’d like to thank those of you who sent lovely blessings towards my recent marriage. Yes I’m married now and feeling older than ever. Some pictures from my awesome geeky wedding will eventually be leaked out, which you will find via my Instagram images. I like to update at least once a week there, so do follow me if you want to see what toys I play with, how I dress and what other hobbies I have.

Now that I’m semi back, I’ll try to update more regularly. First I’d like to note that since the announcement of Final Fantasy Versus XIII having been confirmed as Final Fantasy XV – all previously Final Fantasy Versus XIII named stuff on this site has been renamed to XV. I’ve also recently added a quick wallpaper celebrating the inevitable release of the game I wanted for almost 6-7 years.

I’ve also removed the site’s link rotations, due to the fact that many websites in the rotation have malware, thus affecting this site. Therefore I’ve replaced the link rotations with a live feed from my Instagram. Sadly many websites are falling into the abyss due to real life stresses that come with getting older. I remember back when I first started this website, I’d update almost daily, despite being in school. Nowadays, I’m lucky if I update every other month… :/ I’ll try though, I’ll try…

Look forward to more stuff!

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  1. I love that you put ‘I think?’ at the end of the title. Life does get in the way and it’s so annoying. There’s so many other things I need to be doing right now but hey…I haven’t spent much time online recently. I’m so jealous that you’re married, I’d love to be at that point of my life. I’m excited to see some pictures.

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