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I’m Now Selling on Redbubble

So after being introduced to, I thought I’d give it a try and put up some of my works for sale there. Because the products being sold are to help support yours truly, I have left credits to this site on some of the merchandise. Think of it as a donation to this site in which you receive a gift for. Also it has been noted that a lot of the products on the site are indeed stolen images from other artists with their watermarks cropped out. It’s really sad.

Basically anything that can be scanned such as a card or poster, I’ve left watermarks to. Things like cups and phone cases obviously do not need one. If you look closely at most rolled up posters you buy in stores, you can see studio/distributor watermarks all over the bottom – so think of my watermarks as that.

Appreciate all the support you can give. Enjoy the merchandise!

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