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So Everyone Keeps Calling Me Shepherd

Hello people. Been playing a lot of Mass Effect lately. Guess I’m going to play through the first two games before the third one comes out. It’s pretty addicting and the story is great. Any decisions you make, especially the dialogue, directly influences the outcome of the game. In the game, my character is female of course and is pretty much a trigger-happy Vanguard. I rather like my “force throw/push” powers, although I mostly use my pistols to fry people in the face. I still haven’t figured out how to pistol whip yet. I should look that up… After reading some spoilers, I’ve decided to whore myself to my Lieutenant as well. 😛 Kaidaaaaaaaaan… I should stop reading the spoilers, huh?


What the hell? I don't remember this scene from... Oooh... Mass Effect 2? If I made my character a man... Would he have seen this too? 😛

Back off bitch, Kaidan is mine... Hmm, but you're pretty hot in the game too...


So anyway, just checking in to let you all know I’m alive. I’ve been updating the site, if you haven’t already noticed. I’ve created a Youtube Account for my new Video Tutorials. (The best quality ones are on this site, however.) My first upload taught how to make shrapnel in Photoshop.


For future reference, any updates to the site that aren’t visible in the four preview boxes at the front of the site will be mentioned in updates. Also, I’ve added social/sharing widgets on the side of all my posts so I hope you people use them to spread the word about this site, certain pages in this site, or on latest graphic updates, etc. Have fun!

Lastly, leave comments for me on what you’d like to see more of. I have a lot of works in progress, but I’d like to know what I should be focusing on. I won’t know unless you guys tell me. Post and/or comment away!

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