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Some Updates About Stuff

Hi there! If you’re new here and experienced the “Reddit Hug of Death” that befell my site, I apologize. I contacted my host’s support and apparently 150,000 queries an hour is the max they can provide. I can’t even offer to pay for more. Therefore every time a massive wave of people hits the wallpaper sections of my site all at once, the site will go down within 15 minutes for an hour. No big deal, just come back when it’s quieter or off the front page of reddit! 😀

In other news, I really really really enjoy streaming. I do it about every day that I can (except Sundays) during a new time. 10pm-12am EST on weekdays and 12pm-3pm EST on Saturdays. This is due to a new job that requires me to work in office. Yes guys, I have a full time adult job. This site makes me ZERO money (no ads, no sponsors, only donations) and my streaming career had just begun. I appreciate all those that DONATE to my site or MY STREAM. This site is in its FOURTEENTH year of existence and I’ve been a one-man show using money from my own pockets to upkeep this hobby site. If you enjoy this place as much as I do, do what you can to keep us going – whether it’s a referral to a friend or a donation. I can’t stress the importance of bringing more people to this site, rather than uploading my content elsewhere and linking that. It hurts me right here… (points to cold, dead heart)

And finally, I actually went and bought the domain “” just now! For almost a decade it had been taken, but about two years ago it was released. I decided to buy it just now for the sole purpose of… I have no fucking idea. Not that a .com version of this domain would ever compete with mine. My “The Forgotten Lair” on .net had always been at the front page in search due to my activity and well… I’VE BEEN AROUND FOR 14 YEARS. FIGHT ME. Anywho, both URLs will lead to the main site (.net) so if you tell your friends now and they type it in wrong, NOT TO WORRY! 😀

Anyway, enjoy the content and please do remember to spread the word of this site as well as drop by my stream sometimes. Also as always, donations are greatly appreciated. I’ll write back to you with hearts and kisses and maybe even flash you a smile. (No I won’t.)


The Comments

  1. Hey Phoenix! I’d definitely pretty proud if I got so many visitors that they caused my servers to go down. 😛

    I just started watching people streaming so I’m going to check yours out too! I’ve mostly just casual gamed but I’ve been thinking about taking it up a level.

    Also, kudos on getting the .com domain. Lol

    Thanks & and may the odds ever be in your favor. 😜

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