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Happy New Year! I hope you’ve been enjoying the many updates I’ve been making to this site the past few weeks. Since adding the Mobile Wallpapers section, I’ve been busy with requests and coding the area for easy browsing. It took a while, but it’s finally working the way I wanted it to. 😀

Now I’m going to ask for something from YOU. This site does not run any ads or make any money. (You can DONATE though.) This is all pro bono work with the intention of allowing people to enjoy my creative works. However the Internet being the Internet, I know my stuff are being uploaded and redistributed elsewhere, despite it breaking the TERMS OF USE. (That I’m sure no one reads…) This means less traffic for this site and in some cases, my works are being edited and not credited toward this site and myself. I’ve seen my works on bootleg DVD’s, I kid you not…

PLEASE SUPPORT THIS SITE BY TELLING PEOPLE ABOUT IT! If someone asks where they can get Anime wallpapers – instead of linking them to your imgur files full of my works, please link them to this site instead… I monitor the amount of traffic I get closely and whenever I see a spike of visitors, it encourages me to make more stuff. Your words of encouragement and thanks really do make my day and in many cases, makes me want to Photoshop. All you have to do is look at how frequently I’ve updated this site since I allowed requests for Mobile Wallpapers. I’ve done 95% of the requests within my power and will continue to do more. Just please don’t upload my stuff elsewhere and give those sites the credit for my works. It would really make my day, thank you…

So other than that, I guess I have no New Year’s news or requests. Maybe I will challenge myself to make a wallpaper that isn’t blue/purple with orange highlights… Years ago I went through the orange grunge stage with blood splatters. Lately it’s been the J.J. Abrams lens flare with blue and purple. Who knows what tomorrow will bring? 😀

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