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The Future of TFL Design – In Your Hands!

Firstly, a special thanks to Shogo for his donation to TFL Design – keeping the tradition that I receive donations for this site every two years. 😛 In light of this, I figure I’d make the bi-yearly announcement asking for donations to keep this site alive for years to come.

If you all would care to know, a life changing turn of events is happening for me. I am moving to Canada and starting a new chapter of life there. Things may be rough for a bit, but I feel confident that I can overcome all this. However to cut expenses, the last thing I would want to do is expire the domain and hosting of this site. You have to realize however, that between Andy and I, we own four domains/websites and that costs money.

So now you know why I place ads on this site and try to increase the traffic to this site via social networks and the likes. Won’t you help by spreading the word to your friends, turning off your ad block on this site, or by donating? If merely 20% of my monthly visitors donated $5, I’d be set for the next two years.

This site has been around the web for 8 years now. I want to keep it running as long as Anime is still in existence and I’m still watching it. If you could help me reach that goal by visiting, donating and spreading the word, I can continue to make free stuff for you guys. It’s a win/win situation, no?

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  1. Congrats on the move.. may it be a grand adventure, wish I could help with donations but my own funds are tight at the moment..
    Good Luck!!!

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    • Grand adventure to Canada? XD Thanks Neo, for the support!

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