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The Mass Effect

So it’s a week before my move to another country and I haven’t packed yet… I have a good excuse though.

1. I work.
2. Mass Effect 3 is out and I play as a female Commander Shepard that has stayed loyal to my boy toy Kaidan since the first game…

So I’ve got more sexy time important things to do.

Anyway, if I’m MIA for the next week or two, it’s because I’m setting up my computer, on the road, or just getting used to breathing foreign air. Or playing Mass Effect.

Due to my fandom to FPS and RPG games and disappointment in many modern Shounen shows I follow (I should switch to Seinen – the stuff for teenage viewers in Japan… Sadly the western world likes the stuff their 12 year olds watch…), I am thinking of doing more graphics based on Western games. I mean I already have GLEE and Battlestar Galactica stuff – why not?

So Mass Effect, Halo and StarCraft anyone? 😛 (Zergs for life!)


You Big Stupid Jellyfish…

The Comments

  1. You killed everyone huh? HOW DO YOU KILL GARRUS? HE IS TOO AWESOME TO DIE!

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  2. Soo found a warm blanket yet? Watch hockey!! and be careful around the Quebec people they are not like most they are STILL PUSHING to be free

    I played mass effect 2 but Large group of my team died
    Garrus Lost his head (suicide Mission)
    Tall got deep fried (Suicide Mission)
    Jack died saving the crew members(Suicide mission)
    Kelly died (suicide mission)
    Ashley she said NO to come back!!

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    • That’s the spirit, Chris. Kill them all. lol

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