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To Asian Drama or not to Asian Drama?

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So here’s the latest song I’ve found myself liking. It’s the theme to a new court related Hong Kong (Chinese) drama called “The Other Truth” and is hopefully the path Chinese music will follow. They need more rock and less ballads. (I’d also like to see some more super heavy metal Korean music 😛 ) At first glance, the artist reminded me of Gackt for a split second. His name is Ryan Lau but I have no idea what the song’s title is in English translation. If you can read Chinese, please do comment. I can’t read my native language…

I’m not really watching this series – my mom is. If I start watching a series again, I won’t stop until I’ve finished… And the little Anime I watch and the Ouran High School Host Club Drama already have that time filled. Seriously though, the live drama has nothing on the Anime…

“The Other Truth” Theme Song (Chinese)


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