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Tutorial Comments Activated

So I’ve added the ability to comment in the tutorial sections now. I figured people would have questions or comments on those parts specifically. Check out my LATEST TUTORIAL, featuring how I did my “defiance” (Grimmjow Wallpaper) and ask questions if you want. The videos I make are short so I rush a lot and say all the wrong things. It takes me 5-10 takes and I get sick of repeating myself after a while and just upload the closest I can get.

Please comment on what you’d like to see and learn so I can have ideas on what to update this site with. I don’t even know if kids watch Anime anymore, nowadays. All the old people like myself are busy with their careers or family. I can’t keep up with the times. The other day I read a youtube comment with so much chatspeak that I literally had to read it 5x to understand what was being said. LEARN TO WRITE KIDS.


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  1. Hey girlie, what’s up with you these days? 🙂 Love to hear from you, happy to see you still have your site up. <3

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