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You’ve Lost Your Passion!

The title is from a Tastosis Starcraft cast about how they’ve lost their passion for the game and my discussion with Andy on how I’ve lost passion for creating more creative wallpapers. First off, fuck off, I’ve got shit to do now, ‘mkay? (It’s called a job.) And secondly, I’ve lost my rage. Most of my earlier works were due to my inner turmoil and now that I’m at peace, my works are just too robotic but better executed… Those were his words, seriously. (Something close to it.)

All jokes aside, I wish I had time to do a really good piece that would take a good month or so to finish, however due to my schedule, I’d rather drop it than work on something that long. Hence not starting one. Am I boring you? WELL SORRY.

Looking at my recent updates I see that I’ve tried to deliver some sort of material at least once a week. I’m fine with those numbers. A lot of small Anime sites are dying down, so I’m still considered quite active.

Lastly, in about a month I turn a quarter of a century old… And have nothing to show for it… Sigh. My autobiography would suck. What about yours?

Now back to wasting my life…

The Comments

  1. Yeah, I know exactly what you mean – felt the same way for a long time. I mean, the whole concept of creativity in anime wallpapers is kinda ironic, since we’re blatantly working off other people’s art in the first place. That’s not to say I don’t appreciate people putting a lot of effort into their walls, but the idea of “effort” or “lack of effort” or even “creativity” in anime walling is so not worth fussing over.

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    • So that means we all have to learn how to draw? Dammit.

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