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Creating “defiance”

Here is an HD Video Tutorial for you to view. Please note several things before watching…

1. You must know the Layer Mask Tutorial to understand use of Layer Masks.
2. You must know what Blending Options are. You can see uses of it in my Blending Stock Images Tutorial.
3. You should know how I blend colors with Glow and Monotone Effect Tutorial.




– Wallpaper was made 04-15-2009. Found Here.
– Check out Towairaito Graphics for the original vector.
– When I mention making things darker, I’m usually referring to creating a new layer and filling it black, then blending it with Soft Light. Otherwise I’m just leaving it at Normal in the blending options and adjusting the opacity. (Shadowing on Grimmjow.)
– To blend things to a color, create a new layer, fill with solid color and set blending mode to COLOR.
– To make the rain, Motion Blur was used on random brushings of white then blended in. (Perhaps a tutorial on how to do rain in the future?)
– Large droplets are hand painted with use of a Wacom Tablet.
– By outer glow on the outer parts of the character, I mean brushing the outer parts (and whatever areas you’d like to highlight) with white, then setting the blending option to Overlay.
– To blend noise, add a new layer, fill it with a solid color and then Filter>Noise. The Noise was set to be monochromatic, therefore it will be black dots on top of the solid color you filled at.

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