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Magna Carta




1920×1200 (widescreen 16:10) 1920×1080 (HD 16:9)

Created this wallpaper with the influence of the 2011 Tron movie and Einhander, one of the coolest games I played on the Playstation. Its soundtrack inspired much of the look and feel of this piece. Due to the work put into the overall feel, this wallpaper only comes in widescreen and HD.



I Know The Pieces Fit…

I Know The Pieces Fit...

1600×1200 (normal 4:3)

EVI won this challenge in The Battleground and I got to do this freaky wallpaper based on TOOL’s “Schism” song. Creepy that eyeball tastes yummy. ^^

The amount of work I did on this tiny image took 2 nights with 5 hours of sleep in between. My failed attempts to paint then smudge is covered by the awesome texturing.



Cum Tacent Clamant

Cum Tacent Clamant

1600×1200 (normal 4:3)

Well I lost the Battleground 1vs1 match with this, but I still think it’s one of my best thus far. It took over 100+ layers to make, glitched my computer 3x to load, save, and viewing it at full size in my 1024×768 resolution.



Aberrant Rapture

Aberrant Rapture

1600×1200 (normal 4:3) 1024×768 (normal 4:3) 1280×1024 (square 5:4)

I always wanted to create a mountain scene wall so this Magna Carta scan was perfect for looking down into a cavern or something. This creation reminded me of my Magic The Gathering days…

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