Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam


Arbitrary Frame

Arbitrary Frame

1600×1200 (normal 4:3) 1024×768 (normal 4:3) 1280×1024 (square 5:4)

I took two pretty low quality scans of the Gundams, smudged then under the request of my brother, followed the guildelines of recreating the Einhander (Playstation) atmosphere scene with my own twist… Using two stock images of clouds and blending them into one another in different gradients and blending styles, then distorting and smudging them, you get the weird atmosphere/sky/water battle before you. Then I tried to recreate the Gundam Seed Destiny styled exploding balls and voila…



Melancholic Frame

Melancholic Frame

1600×1200 (normal 4:3) 1024×768 (normal 4:3)

The original scan was in crap quality so I decided to make this wall out of smudging with the use of minimum to no filters, brushes, textures, etc… Had to remove a lot of text from the original scan as well and redo shadows on the arms so it was hectic. Featuring the hottest picture of Char/Quattro EVER and the shadow of the Hyaku Shiki.