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My Gaming Addiction

If you’re wondering why you haven’t heard from me, it’s because I’ve been busy with life and gaming. Mostly life, but the three hours I have left on most weekdays goes to gaming. It used to be StarCraft II and Mass Effect’s Multiplayer, but lately I’ve found myself addicted to something else…

Diablo 3’s auction house.

I told myself I wouldn’t play the game when it first came out, because I had played a little of Diablo 2 and didn’t think much of it. As a matter of fact, while I was playing through D3, I felt the game was mediocre and not addicting at all. I just wanted to breeze through the story to know the ending and that’s it. I hated the idea of grinding to level 60, because for the most part I didn’t care for my stats or what my character was wearing. It was unbelievably boring and irritating for me as I played with my boyfriend and his friends just for the sake of spending time with each other. For a few boring nights they tried leveling me up by repeating a stage again and again, before I’d quit and go play Starcraft while listening to KPop.

MOTHER FUCKER! Aaaaaargh!!!

MOTHER FUCKER! Aaaaaargh!!!

But something changed. Something made me stay longer than I expected and swallow my pride as I got hilariously murdered by ponies and care bears.

It was the auction house. You see, prior to reaching level 60, my boyfriend had been equipping my character and doing all the work of arranging what to wear and what to sell. All I did was spend money on the Stash Tabs and throw all the shiny shit in there to have him sort out later. I didn’t care for the numbers or crafting and all that garbage.

But when I reached level 60 I finally decided to visit the auction house myself and sell something. During our grinding, we had collected more than a hundred Tomes of Jewelcrafting which were useless to me, since my boyfriend had decided amongst us to be the designated jewel crafter or whatever. So I decided to sell them for shits and giggles for a ridiculously low price in the auction house. CHA-CHING.

Wha…? What was that sound? Something was sold? So fast? I just put it up 10 seconds ago. My boyfriend had listed 8 other items for auction that weren’t even getting bid on and I’ve just sold something? Wait, let me try this again with some useless gems…


Oh my God this is awesome! Some nerd is buying my garbage! Hey, this is fun!

And that’s all it took. Not for the high stats, not for the cool armors and certainly not for the companion ferrets I have as a Demon Hunter, which by the way, got some people to go “D’awwww” and want to be a DH for themselves… Fake money, bitches.

I swear, if I get another effin' shotgun... I'm going to punt a small animal.

You see, games have always been about WINNING for me. If I play an RPG, I’ll just run through the story as fast as possible on the easiest mode just so I can finish the story. I don’t feel the need to get the best weapons, collect all the secret items, unlock all the characters or finish all the side quests and so on. I just play RPGs for the story. I play first person shooter games to win in multiplayer games against real people as I destroy their base or rocket launcher the bush they were hiding in. Real time strategy games like StarCraft are all about using different strategies to destroy my opponents online. (After I had finished the really well-written single player campaign. I mean seriously – why would you buy StarCraft just to play the campaign and not play with people online? Are you insane?)

Yea, I'm talking about you assholes that ruined the game for me back when I was 15 and jobless. I still haven't forgiven you yet.

But Diablo is a short, 10 hour at most RPG, then a 30 hour grind-fest. Then no matter what items you equip with, there will always be someone with better stats since the stats on each item is randomized and even worse, soon real money will come into play and you can buy fake money with real money. They don’t have to grind anymore, they just sit back and buy stuff. I hate when they do that because all the stacked whores are idiots that are willing to spend a few hundred bucks on a game after the initial sale. It’s even more hilarious when the game is a free online game.


But the auction house in D3 is a new thing for me. I’m winning in a totally new way. There’s some sort of satisfaction I’m getting with throwing scraps onto the Internet for obsessed nerds to fight and grab for. I never get to see who wins the bid and they never get to see the awesome saviour that bestowed upon them the awesome bargain price that I’d given… But it’s a nice feeling to have.

The feeling of being some anonymous higher powered dictator of bargained goods to some lower level nublet.

Now with all the higher level item prices soaring in the millions, my goal is to disrupt the market by throwing a lot of desirable items out there that are supposed to be worth millions, but selling for less. In some way, I guess I’m losing (horribly), but this new phenomenon of being a cheap business mogul is much more addicting for me than grinding for the sake of stats. I grind to bring bargained prices. 😛


Let's do this...


Diablo’s Auction House now allows you to make money when people buy your stuff with real money… 0___o


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  1. Keep playing SC2, I really enjoy playing with you. We need to ladder 2v2 sometime and you teach me how to get better.

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