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My Thoughts On GLEE S2

Well my boyfriend just bought me tickets to see Glee Live Tour, so you know I’m a fan. (Seriously? Hundred something for tickets? It’s more than Broadway tickets!)

While the first season’s flow was somewhat consistent and easy on the brain, second season was full of horrible, horrible bumps. Overall I felt they tried to cram in too many songs for sales on iTunes and rushed certain things to make way for Emmy winners to shine further. *cough*Chris Colfer*cough*

I’d also like to note that Kurt is my favorite character on the show and that I follow Chris Colfer on Twitter, so the following rant is out of LOVE…



Are you sure we're tuned into the right channel?


Mr. Schuester

I know he went through a tough divorce and his crush suddenly got taken by a chiseled Greek god (John Stamos), but his loss of cool and inconsistent way of thinking made him one of the worst teachers this season. And he used to be my favorite character too! Between last minute song write-ups, to having love quarrels in front of students, to deciding to take the club’s star player out to be “fair” to others, I became confused as to what the writers were thinking this would lead to. By the end of the season, nothing had even progressed in his relationship. It’s basically the same goodbye they had last season, only this time they’re single… For real.

To further expand on the Regionals decision to take out Rachel from the spotlight – while I believe each character has a chance to shine, I do not believe for the sake of being fair, the best players should be toned down. Not during competition anyway. If you want the spot, audition for it. You shouldn’t have to baby those that are lack-luster for the purpose of keeping their spirits up. That’s not how the real world works and it’s bad for them when they finally get out there. Quinn was not even fighting for the spot to be in the spotlight, nor did she care to have it again when auditions came for Nationals. In other words, she doesn’t mind being a backup singer. If anything, Mercedes, Santana and Rachel should have rotations on singing leads. Kurt’s voice is good for solos he does on his own, not the entire crew. Tina… I forget why Tina is there… Couldn’t they think of another Chinese last name other than Chang? There are two Changs and they’re dating each other…



Can we make a character we loved so much in Season 1 hated even more? In S2, he went from adorable step-brother to Kurt, to the guy that we feel bad for because his girlfriends keep cheating on him, to WTF why are you looking at your ex when you’ve just agreed to date your other ex, to OMFG are you seriously breaking up with the girl you took to prom, at a funeral??? I think we call those assholes.



I hated her in S1. She was annoying, loud, and her voice seemed to overpower everyone she sang with. I think that was the design of the character though. Good job Lea Michele! In S2, she became more loveable and I noticed right away in the episodes “Duets” that she no longer sang over Finn’s voice. (Perhaps it’s because Cory’s voice has improved as well.) What should be noted is that Lea Michele should never sing Britney Spears songs because she makes them go an octave higher and practically impossible to sing along with. And her voice doesn’t quite match pop songs.

Lea Michele

High School, exactly the way I remember it...



The new character that had the potential to fit a few balls in his mouth… Before the season started, it was rumored that he would play Kurt’s boyfriend, but somehow the writers felt there was “chemistry” between him and Quinn – which I did not feel at ALL – and so he went from interestingly cute character to a character I barely remembered. No seriously, in some episodes he’d pop up in one scene and I’d go “Oh crap, I forgot he was in this show…” It even came to a point where he suddenly became a blonde version of Finn – too stupid to tie his shoelace until Schuester taught him?

A waste of a really cute guy. And SPOILER ALERT!


Sorry but he and Mercedes together at the end was the most random, rushed, and laziest thing I’ve ever seen. Can’t they date someone outside of Glee club? I doubt the people in the music clubs hate them. They play for them… Lazy writing… And didn’t he care about his status in a new school? Didn’t he love looking at his abs? Now he’s dating the fiercely real Mercedes??? (Thank you Tyra for sharing that phrase.)

In any case, his character redeemed itself slightly when we got to see him turn poor… But only very slightly.


Mr. Schue, can I have my shirt and pants now?



Her character made no sense this season. Any ounce of growth she’d shown last season after giving up her baby went out the window. She became shallow again – and for what? Junior Prom King and Queen? That’s the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. It doesn’t matter that she used to be fat and unpopular. The fact that she can treat the people that cared for her like crap all over again makes me wonder if the writers have something against blonde girls. They’re either bitches or stupid. (Sorry Brittany, but you’re not the brightest crayon in the box – and that’s why we love you…)

Then in the last episode, she spews the stupidest and most contradicting line ever. Something about her being the popular girl not getting love, despite the lesser pretty girls getting nice boyfriends… Uh… Finn. You cheated on him with Puck. Puck… For some reason you totally forgot he existed despite having shared a bonding moment at the end of S1 in which he claimed to love you more. (Okay fine, he’s not perfect boyfriend material, but can we at least acknowledged that happened and go over the part where they decide not to talk to each other on screen? Because they seriously did not have a conversation ONCE together in S2… Dude… You got her pregnant… Now we’re awkward?) Then Sam… He was nice to you and cute, but you cheated on him for your ex… Oh gawd this makes no sense…


Santana and Brittany

One of the few good things in S2. Developing supporting characters and making them funny and fierce from Lima Heights Adjacent can be a good thing. I guess being lesbians also helps… Yep.


The Asian and Other Asian

In this season, one Asian suddenly took the spotlight over the other one. The quiet dancing Mike Chang of S1 suddenly got the chance to become the hot abbed dancing Asian with a cute personality. Swoon over his abs and check out his solos, girls and boys. But Tina Cohen Chang…? The chick that doesn’t get solos and isn’t interesting anymore? She was one of S1’s main cast yet we’ve yet to see any real development around her. I hope we do in S3, because honestly it’s not fair for Asians. There’s more to them than chicken feet in salads. (I’ve never even heard of that and I’m Asian…)

Harry Shum Jr

I'd ignore those abs for a gameboy any day...



I had to save him for last. He’s just that awesome… At stealing the spotlight from everyone else.

In S1, the story revolved around Rachel, Finn and Quinn… I understood who the main characters were and I didn’t feel any tension in the air. Then in S2, it became the Kurt Hummel show, in which whatever episodes didn’t revolve around gay bullying, would basically suck. It’s either Karaofsky’s kiss or Justin Bieber episode… Karofsky’s redemption vs Britney Spears tribute episode… Golden vs “I shit this out three minutes ago, let’s roll with it…”

Max Adler

By the way, props to Max Adler’s awesome acting in the tense moments and giving one of the best scenes on TV ever. His face when rejected by Kurt after attacking Kurt on the lips was brilliant. It was pain, anger, and self loathe all together. (Chris’s face of shock, repulsion, and amazement was worthy of another Emmy.) It’s good that minor characters are getting a chance to show their stuff and break out of roles they’ve been casted for. I’d like to see Karofsky sing and dance some more and even join the club. The possibility of him and Kurt also intrigues me, although many people are opposed to it due to their violent past. Besides, Blaine and Kurt are just too perfect together.

Was it me or was Kurt more pissy this season? He got pissed at teachers and storms out (in a dress) and bitches to the most caring dad ever. Must be hormones.

<-- BTW, Did you know Karofsky could look like THAT?!      


I lied. Kurt wasn’t last. I think one of the best things brought to this show was the new character Blaine. And I’m sure creator Ryan Murphy agrees. Just look at all the songs and solos given to him, after his debut in the chart-topping Katy Perry cover of “Teenage Dream.” Yes, I listened to the song over and over at work and home for 3 days straight, but does that mean he should take the spotlight of former main cast members…? Uhhhhh… Maybe… He’s more fun to watch and makes money? Too many times we found ourselves screaming “KISS HIM ALREADY!” before it finally happened in some unpredictable, and most beautiful way. I pretty much watched all the gay kissing scenes at least 30x… Gawd they were good… XD

Glee Kiss

I am not responsible for the crappy, but interesting photoshoping of the last image...


List of shit that made no sense…

1. So Rachel was a Sophomore in S1 and now suddenly everyone was too? If S3 is their senior year, that means a Sophomore was the captain of the football team and cheerleading team in S1… Huh? I always had the feeling that Rachel was younger than a few people…

2. Karofsky and his friends were also Sophomores? HUH?! (Don’t tell me he got left back. His dad said he got A’s at one point.)

3. If your Prom Queen was a guy and you’re the principal, why would you go ahead and allow the dance to continue to further humiliate the student?

4. Why do the kid’s parents never attend their competitions or charity events? They needed to fill seats… And not one parent is available or invited?

5. Why did Sue Sylvestor not get arrested for assaulting a judge? (She’s not immortal.) Why was Sue Sylvestor’s character constantly annoying the Glee club when she clearly had better things to do? She’s surprisingly a good principal to stop gay bullying, but will go ahead and destroy a club that didn’t even threaten her position? (I know they cut a few bucks from her budget, but her antics got stupid after a while…)


Overall this season was just a ball of mess. It’s golden parts topped S1 in every way, but the episodes that involved the problems of straight people just flopped. Apparently the angst of gay couples are more fun to write than straight ones, because they just kept recycling ideas, which got predictable and annoying… The Ross and Rachel of Glee…

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