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Nick Pitera – One Man Disney Movie

No words can describe how awesome this guy is. You have to listen to him:

The dude can basically three part harmony with HIMSELF. Yes, in that video he is lip syncing to a prerecorded track, but that doesn’t mean he’s any less awesome. If anything, the video is fun to watch. For an unedited version of hims singing, here’s a video from 4 years ago:

Tell me the man does not look like Buzz Lightyear! 0__o

I’m so in love with his voices that I decided to make the guy my first official blog post on this site’s 2011 overhaul. Congrats.

And if you’re wondering, he works for Pixar and did audition for GLEE but didn’t make it. I don’t think they wanted a character that would challenge both Kurt AND Finn LOL. Wait, if he works for Pixar and wants to be in Disney, doesn’t that make him a traitor or a spy of some kind?

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  1. He really does look a little like Buzz in that second video. Pretty awesome guy.

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